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2015年秋高一英语必修一教学课件Unit 3 Travel journal Language points.ppt



Choose the words from the box and finis the summary of the text.
trip beginning sister mind China bike library valleys cousins cold My name is Wang Kun and I have a very persuasive 1. ________ sister called Wang Wei. Ever since middle school we have dreamed

trip beginning sister mind China bike library valleys cousins cold trip Two years ago of going on a bike 2. _____. she bought an expensive mountain 3. ______ bike and persuaded me to buy one too. She also managed to get our 4. ________ cousins interested in cycling. After we graduated from college, she decided we would cycle all along the Mekong River from its 5. beginning to its end. I told her that there _________ would be a lot of difficulties, but my sister

trip beginning sister mind China bike library valleys cousins cold would never change her 6. _______. mind We library and found looked at maps in the 7. ________ that half the river is in 8. ________. China It is small, clear, 9. ______ cold and fast moving at first. After it leaves China it becomes wide, brown and warm. Then it winds through valleys of rice until it enters the low 10. ________ South China Sea.

1. Which kind of transport do you prefer to use… prefer意为“更喜欢” prefer to do sth. / prefer doing sth. 意为 “更喜欢做某事” e.g. I prefer to exercise outdoors. Dennis prefers travelling by train.

prefer sth. to sth. 意为“喜欢某物胜过某物” e.g. I prefer red wine to white. prefer doing sth. to doing sth. 意为“喜欢做 某事胜过做某事” e.g. I prefer watching basketball to playing it. prefer to do sth. (rather than do sth.) 意为 “宁愿做某事(而不愿做某事)” e.g. He preferred to stay at home (rather than go with us).


1) 我喜欢爵士乐胜过摇滚乐。
I prefer jazz to rock music.

2) 汤姆愿意步行, 不愿意骑自行车。
Tom prefers to walk rather than

3) 她宁愿一个人去那里。

She prefers to go there alone.

2. Two years ago she bought an expensive mountain bike and then she persuaded me to buy one. Lucy is always easily persuaded. Alice trusts you. Only you can persuade her into giving up this foolish idea. Can you persuade her out of her foolish plans?

【归纳】 persuade是动词,意为“说服,劝服” 常用于以下结构: persuade sb. to do sth. persuade sb. ______ into doing sth. 说服某人做某事 persuade sb. out of sth. / doing sth. 说服某人不要某物/做某事


1) In most cases, customers can’t help being persuaded to buy (被劝服买) _____________________ things they actually do not need. tried to persuade her (试图劝说 2) I ____________________ 她) to let me go with her, but I failed.

3. They are Dai and grew up in western Yunnan Province near the Lancang River, the Chinese part of the river that is called the Mekong River in other countries. 【分析】本句是一个主从复合句。 the Chinese part of the river ... countries the Lancang River 的同位语。 作________________ that is called Mekong River in other 定语 从句,修饰先行词 countries是一个______ river 。 ______

【句意】 他们是傣族人, 在云南省西部靠*澜沧江 的地方长大, 湄公河在中国境内的这一段 叫澜沧江, 在其它国家叫湄公河。 【仿写】 他们是美国人, 在位于中国东部的浙江省的 省会 —— 杭州工作。 They are Americans and work in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province that lies in the east of China.

4. It was my sister who first had the idea to cycle along the entire Mekong River from where it begins to where it ends. 【分析】 本句是一个主从复合句。 句中的it was ... who ...是强调句型,对 主语________ my sister 进行强调。 where it begins和where it ends分别作 介词from和to的宾语。

【句意】 首先想到沿湄公河从源头到终点骑车 旅游的是我姐姐。 【仿写】 首先想到周末去放风筝的是我哥哥。 It was my brother who first had the idea to fly a kite at the weekend.

5. Now she is planning our schedule for the trip. Everything is going according to schedule. Susan is scheduled to give a speech tonight. The meeting has been scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.

【归纳】 schedule的常见用法及含义如下: , 进度表 作名词, 意为“时间表 _______________” ; 作动词, 意为“为……安排时间”, 常 用于be scheduled to do ... 和be scheduled for ... 结构。

【拓展】 常见的含schedule的短语还有: on schedule 按时, 按预定时间 e.g. All flights arrive on schedule. ahead of / behind schedule 比预定计划提前/推后 e.g. The new book is still well ahead of schedule. The train is behind schedule.

根据括号内所给的汉语提示补全下面句 子(每空一词)。 1) The new bridge has been finished two years _______ ahead ____ of _________ schedule (比预 定计划提前). 2) The train ____ is __________ scheduled ____ to ______ arrive ____ at ____ 8 ________ o’clock (预计在八 点到达).

6. Although she didn’t know the best way of getting to places, she insisted that she organize the trip properly. 【分析】 本句是一个主从复合句。although引 让步状语 从句。 导一个_________ 主句中包含一个由that引导的_____ 宾语 从 句,该从句的谓语动词organize前省 略了_______ should 。

当insist意为“坚持要, 坚持要求”时, 其后所 跟由that引导的宾语从句的谓语常用虚拟语气, 即用“should _________________” 构成, should 可以 +动词原形 省略; 意为“坚持说, 坚持认为”时, 其后所跟 由that引导的宾语从句的谓语用陈述语气。 e.g. He insisted that he (should) drive to Beijing by himself. The boy insisted that he didn’t play football with his friend Tom yesterday.

【句意】 虽然她对去某些地方的最佳路线并不清楚, 她却坚持要自己把这次旅行安排得尽善尽美。 【仿写】 虽然她的女儿想在她的公司里工作, 她却坚 持让她去学校教书。 Although her daughter wished to work in her company, she insisted that she go and work as a teacher in the school.

7. Can we now determine the date for our party? Have they determined where the new school will be built? William determined to make his arrangements at once. Jane has determined on / upon going to the countryside tomorrow.

【归纳】 determine是动词, 意为: “确定, 决定” 时, 后可接名词或从句作宾语;意为 “ ______________________” 决心 , 决意, 决定(做某事) 时, 后可 接从句、不定式或由on/upon引起的短 语。

【拓展】 determined adj. 坚决的, 坚定的 常用结构be determined to do sth. 意为 “决心去做某事”。 e.g. She gave me a determined look. I’m determined to get this piece of work finished today.

8. Once she has made up her mind, nothing can change it. They have made up their minds to stay in Britain. 【归纳】 make up one’s mind意为“ ___________” 下决心 , 决定 。 【拓展】 常见的含mind的短语还有: change one’s mind 改变主意 e.g. She has changed her mind and decided to become a teacher.

keep ... in mind/keep in mind that ...

将……记在心中, 记住…… e.g. Please keep in mind that you should come back before 10 o’clock.

用含mind的短语的正确形式填空。 Keep in mind that if you are in 1) _____________ trouble, you can ask me to help you. change your mind again 2) Why do you _________________ and again? 3) Both of the two dresses look wonderful — I can’t ______________ make up my _______. mind

9. Finally, I had to give in. Don’t give in to his opinion. My mother kept inviting Jack to stay for lunch, and finally he gave in to her. 【归纳】 give in意为“屈服, 投降, 让步”, 后跟 宾 to 语时通常加介词____。

【拓展】 give away give off give out give up

赠送, 分发, 泄露 发出(气味、热等) 分发, 散发, 耗尽 放弃

1) After Billy proved he could ride a

bicycle safely, his father ________ gave in and
bought him one.

give away money 2) He doesn’t only __________
but also spends his whole life in looking after the poor.

3) You can’t have a bath — the water give out will ________. 4) If you feel the urge for a cigarette,

try not to _______ give in to it.
gave up her job to take 5) The girl ________

care of her mother two years ago.

10. It becomes rapids as it passes through deep valleys, travelling across western Yunnan Province. 【分析】本句是一个主从复合句。 主句是It becomes rapids, as引导 ______ 时间 状语从句。 travelling across western Yunnan Province为动词-ing形式短语作伴随状 语。

【句意】 它穿过深谷时就变成了急流,流经云南 西部。 【仿写】 随着年龄的增长, 你会变得更明智, 知道 如何处理这种局面。 You will become wiser as you grow older, knowing how to deal with the situation.

Find the correct words or expressions
from the text for each sentence.

1. He is so stubborn that no one can persuade him to do anything. __________
2. A ___________ determined person always tries to finish the job, no matter how hard it is. 3. My grandpa _________ is fond of fishing and sometimes he fishes all day in the river.

4. Liu Xiaoding is a good teacher and cares about his students very much. __________ prefer the red dress to the green 5. I _______
one because it fits me better. 6. The concert went like clockwork organized it so well. because Li Pei had _________

7. I wanted to pay the train ____, fare but gave in my friend insisted. Finally, I _______. 8. She persuaded all of us to _____ cycle to

work instead of taking the bus.

Choose the correct words or

phrases to complete the sentences.

give in no 1. As neither of them would ______, decision was taken that day. (give in / give up) 2. I _____ liked the first flat we saw ______ better because it was larger. (like … better / prefer … to)

3. The task was difficult , but Helen’s

__________ determined expression let me know
that she would not give up. (stubborn / determined) 4. The list of gifts was very long, and we don’t know why, but the most important _____, item the golden cup, was forgotten. (detail / item)

journey 5. “How I wish I could make a ________ into space and see the stars up close!”
cried Sarah. (journey / travel)

6. When he returned from his successful
climb of Mount Qomolongma, Andrew finished his travel _______ journal (journal / diary) and gave it to the newspaper.

7. She had only one ___________: shortcoming she was very stubborn. (disadvantage / shortcoming) 8. The very first time that Joe saw the film “ET” directed by Steven Spielberg, made up his mind to become a he ________________

director too. (make up one’s mind /
change one’s mind)









Complete this passage with some of the following words.

rapids plain

glacier valley

mountain delta waterfall bank

I really enjoyed my school field trip in geography two months ago. We saw so glacier that many beautiful things: a _______ flowed like a river of ice through a ______ valley that cut the mountains into

two parts. We also discovered a river that was falling off the mountain and became a wonderful _________. waterfall This was even more exciting to see than the rapids where the water seemed to boil. ______ Later we followed the river to a quieter

plain and finally into a _____ ______ delta and the

1. Review the words, expressions and sentences we have learned. 2. Finish the exercises in the workbook.

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